Talitha Cumi

abbbo-tose-9leFtC8T7uQ-unsplash“Little girl, I say to you arise”

These words are found in Mark 5:41.

Taking her by the hand he said to her, “Talitha cumi,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”

Again and again this year I have heard these words spoken over my life. They have brought rest to my mind when it was confused and weary. Spoke kindness and forgiveness over my mistakes. Challenged me to step out of mediocrity into the life God designed for me.

In this passage, Jesus is bringing a dead girl to life. Breathing life into empty lungs, raising a cold, limp body and setting her heart to beat again.

That in itself is a miracle. But over the past few months I have come to understand these words in a personal and powerful way.

I hope you will too.

So here we go friends.

If you are a Christian, what he did for this little girl, he did for you as well. He brought you out of a spiritual death. You are born-again, made new.

But it doesn’t stop at our salvation experience, the call continues for our entire lives.

This call goes out to every single one of his daughters.

Check out the two definitions of arise:

  1. to begin to occur or to exist to come into being 
  2. to move upward : ascend 

First, we accept Jesus and we are truly born again into new spiritual life. (to begin to occur or to exist to come into being )

This is the very start of our beautiful journey. We have the Holy Spirit in us, and we are now able to begin to exist in Jesus. We have finally come into being.

Second, and this is the category that most of you likely fall into, is when God calls us to continue to arise. ( to move upward : ascend )

This is what I want to focus on in this post.

But first, a little warning.

Stop the Strive

I tend to be a goal-setting, dream following, perfectionist striver.

My first instinct when hearing the call to arise was to attempt it on my own, to strive, to work for Jesus’ acceptance.

This is one of the hardest parts of faith for me. Understanding the truth that no matter what I’ve done or will do, God’s opinion of me does not change. Accepting that there is nothing more I can do, say or think that will get me into heaven – yet also knowing that my Christian journey is so much about what I do, say and think.

Following Jesus is so simple, yet so incredibly complex.

A paradox worth following.

So, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t truly understand the balance. All that I do know is that I can do nothing to make Jesus love me more. But that does not stop Him from calling me to be set apart from the world around me.

So if you are a Christian, yes, it is wholly and completely through His power that we did arise. We have all come from darkness, were all dead in our sin.

But while we were saved once, and made alive once, there may be some areas in our lives that Jesus is still calling us out of. He may be gently showing us things that need to be removed from our lives now that we are part of his family.

Respond to the call because you are completely and absolutely in love with Jesus, and want your life to align. Arise because you know that what God has designed for you is far greater than you will ever have if you stay where you are.

But don’t strive. Don’t fall into the lie that this will make God love you more, or accept you more or cover your sins. Jesus saw every part of you and still died for you.

Answering the Call

It may get a little uncomfortable when you answer the second call of Talitha Cumi.

Honestly, if we have the Holy Spirit filling us it would be kinda weird if we didn’t feel a little uncomfortable.

As you ask Him to reveal the ways he wants you to be set apart, He may reveal things in your life that you thought were okay that are actually defaming His creation. As you understand and know Jesus more, your conscience will become sharper and your heart will become softer.

Priorities may need to be rearranged and a life of sacrifice and submission cultivated.

With Jesus as close as our very breath and more real than the ground beneath us, nothing now can be the same. Every part of life needs to line up.

Go ahead. Ask Him to make you uncomfortable.

I promise it’s worth it.


All the love!



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