I once believed

that the shape of you

could fill in my gaps and spaces

until I realized that the hole in me

is the size of eternity. 


created and known and loved.


with these three words I am anchored.



with this word I allow,

myself to breathe. 

surely, to be a creation

speaks of a worth deeper

than the sea I am swimming in.



with this word I satisfy, 

the longing within to be loved.

surely, to be known

and loved

should not be separated.


for can someone truly be loved

but not known?


one can be known and despised. 

   (more likely so)

yet I root my being to these truths.

I make them the song my life moves its feet to.


the Master Creator

Fiercest Lover

by Him I am known and not despised 

by Him I am known, yet loved.


what greater life?

what more sweeping freedom?


created and known and loved.


to drip love from my skin,

with my actions clothe people in dignity.


to know You so deeply,

that at

every inhale

every exhale

I release grace.


to know You so completely,

that with

every word

every thought

I breathe mercy.

// drip




cold silences and

shallow breaths.

in the 


of grey walks and

muddy skies.

we found us.

// middle

she had a special kind of love,

that surrounded people,

wrapped them up


carried their hearts.

made a crowded room,

feel like an empty coffee shop;

with only two souls. 


I have found you

Soul that matches my fire

Mind that matches my wonder

I have found you

Eyes that see the unseen

Heart that creates music with its beat

Feet that dance across each season

I have found you





Go run away to

The land of your dreams my love

I will wait for you.




steamy tea.

                     (frigid days)


               (face aches)


                  (far away)


Some mornings, 

The sun doesn’t quite rise

For me.


Some mornings,  

A sadness tries to cover me,

Smother me. 


But I know somewhere

Someone’s morning

Has a sunrise so beautiful

It takes the air out of their lungs

Leaves their limbs warm and 

Lips smiling


And that’s good enough for me. 

// rise