Silent Thoughts

How long since you have breathed, dear one?

Amidst the hustle and bustle, we become frazzled and tightly wound. In the middle of the chaos, Jesus takes our face in his soft hands, gets down on our level, looks us deep in the eyes and says “peace”.

It is okay. Breathe now, child of mine. 

As this happens, just like a child in the midst of an anxiety attack grounded by a loving parent, slowly we can bring our gaze back to his. Slowly the noise dies down, the overload to our senses lessens and we can focus on the steady eyes of Christ. We can hear the soft, yet terribly strong voice calling peace to arise in us.

Choosing distraction

We are quick to blame our distractions, say that they are the problem. That the chaos around us is at fault for the chaos within. That we can’t help but be busy and distracted, that is just our world.

What if the distractions are just that? Distractions? Noise we can choose to listen to as an escape or a band-aid. Not inherently good or bad – we choose to define them. We choose to let them in or kick them out.

I challenge you, I challenge me – choose to gaze, choose to wander, choose to breathe, choose to feel, choose to cry, choose to sleep, choose to read, choose to move.

We were created to live in a rhythm of work and rest, a balance of noise and silence.

We were created to experience the grounding of Peace in our every day – not just in the extremes. When we choose to live in this way we embody the restraint and moderation our world so desperately needs. Choosing to widen our margins and leave room for pondering and gazing and silence allows us to walk in step with Jesus.

“And after the fire, there was the sound of a gentle whisper”

In the case of Elijah, God was not in the windstorm, the earthquake or the roaring fire.

He was in the quiet, in the gentle whisper.

God often speaks to us in the day-to-day, the mundane happenings of our lives.

He speaks to us in the silence.

I want to end with a section of a letter God wrote to me a few weeks back, while I was spending time in silence with Him. I believe that the words can soothe your soul just as they soothed mine.

Daughter. You have been so busy, so tired lately. You have allowed that which should be restful to become draining. You have used good things in bad ways. No wonder you come to me exhausted. I extend rest to you. Every day, every moment. Take it.


I could speak my love over you for hours. Listen! Can you not hear? The song of love, the song of peace, the song of rest being sung over you? 

Hear my voice and awaken.


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