A collection of some of my poems:

inspired by people, photos and a wild imagination.


to drip love from my skin,

with my actions clothe people in dignity.


to know You so deeply,

that at

every inhale

every exhale

I release grace.


to know You so completely,

that with

every word

every thought

I breathe mercy.

// drip



cold silences and

shallow breaths.

in the 


of grey walks and

muddy skies.

we found us.

// middle

Some mornings, 

The sun doesn’t quite rise

For me.


Some mornings,  

A sadness tries to cover me,

Smother me. 


But I know somewhere

Someone’s morning

Has a sunrise so beautiful

It takes the air out of their lungs

Leaves their limbs warm and 

Lips smiling


And that’s good enough for me. 

// rise


I have found you

Soul that matches my fire

Mind that matches my wonder

I have found you

Eyes that see the unseen

Heart that creates music with its beat

Feet that dance across each season

I have found you





Some days

I seem to find myself in a 

Peculiar situation

Where I cannot sleep 

For fear of nightmares

And where I cannot 

Leave my bed

For fear of living them.




Go run away to

The land of your dreams my love

I will wait for you.




Your sins lie hidden.

I smile as I dream of you.






frosted breath.

shaking hands.

early mornings,

before the earth awakens.

alone with your heartbeat.


when the silence of the air,

is thick     –    almost    –


in its stillness.

i am home.



Music pours into my soul,

Jubilance disguising the whispers

                             (of unrest)

A way to forget

They know; to be happy is a threat

But nobody listens to the minority’s song

They see the injustice and raise you their peace

They live in a world

                    Where hate is loved 

               Where kindness is an offer of survival

A never-ending cycle,

A struggle for existence.

The white world strips her,

Making her their whore.



flowers grow in her soul

weeds threaten to choke her mind

growing through her veins

attacking her blood and beating heart


but flowers grow in her soul.



i walk the thin line between

silence and surrender.

you can tape my mouth

and shove your filthy


over my eyes

you can control my body

for now


(you will never bind my mind)




the best way to keep

horrible acts a secret,

is to convince the world

that they are simply


that the humans guilty of such crimes

are of a different breed than us

cultured ones.

but one day we will break free

(all secrets come out eventually)



She walked with spring in her steps,

and fall in her hands.


Hope trailed from her.


Her face, bore marks of tilled soil,

Seeds ready to burst,

Into a garden.




steamy tea.

                     (frigid days)


               (face aches)


                  (far away)



she had a special kind of love,

that surrounded people,

wrapped them up


carried their hearts.

made a crowded room,

feel like an empty coffee shop;

with only two souls. 





You’ve been dug up 

And planted again.

Expected to grow  –  thrive  –

They wait for evidence

A bloom.

Their eyes won’t leave you,

Their words envelop you.

So you drain  –  every good part

And make a flower so perfect

   untouched, unblemished, innocent


Finally they remove their eyes –

Take away their words

Only in exchange for your bloom.


what does it feel like

                       a nagging whisper in the wind?

   a roaring fiery shout that flows in and consumes you?

no, your eyes say worse,

quiet for just long enough to trick you into normality

ear-shattering and breath-taking as soon as you settle. 

yes, your body speaks its pain,

     it’s the uncertainty that kills you.

not knowing if in your next breath you will be breathing in air

                     or fire.