FREED Magazine: Plant Language

fern in windowFREED Magazine’s Spring Issue has come out and is packed full of real and vulnerable stories of people encountering the grace of God, thriving in difficult circumstances and expressing their amazing creative abilities.

My article, Plant Language, focuses on learning to be content and thrive in low seasons, as well as high seasons. 

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Jesus in the Corner

white and cold room representing cold faithA few nights ago I had one of those weird in-between-sleep-and-waking dreams.

It hit my soul hard, so hard in fact that I woke up and got out of bed to write it out. At 12:30. (for those of you who are not aware, my bedtime is usually a solid 8)

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Take Courage

woman looks out over lake, fearless


It’s okay to fear.

Just like the word squash refers to a yummy veggie as well as a strange indoor sport, (sorry it was the first example I could think of) the word fear for Christians can mean two totally different things.

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